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Latest project: Music for ASD - Sound Connections is now developing the music composing and performance project with workshops for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Sound Connections has 25 years experience providing music workshops, music projects, music technology, music performance for schools, communities, community projects and workshops, music technology workshops, world music, composing and performing at key stage 1, key stage 2, key stage 3, key stage 4, special education.
Sound Connections has worked on projects, workshops and performances all over the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Mainland Europe on music projects in schools and communities, with local education authorities, in universities and other institutions.
Sound Connections has performed in communities, festivals, schools with all kinds of musicians and composers ranging from international soloists to 5 year old composer/performers.
We have acted as advisers to schools, communities, examining groups, QCA, BBC, Classic FM, Government New Opportunities Fund programmes, Arena Jazz, Netdays Europe, The Boots Company plc and many more.
Sound Connections is run by a highly qualified and experienced team with careers than span 3 decades and all phases of education and teacher training, performing in top venues and published composers and authors.
Management and personnel training packages with a difference! Composing and Performing using music technology workshops for trainee managers, employees, directors - inspire, improve and create with decision making and team building enhancement modules.
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The Rainbow Bridge - Netdays Europe internet broadcasts - Cromford Festival - National Festival of Music for Youth - High Peak Suite - Sounding it Out - Touching Sound - A level - GCSE - The Ship who Sang - Boots Company management trainee programme - The Mysterious Forest CD ROM Key Stage 2 composing tool - Classic FM masterclass series - BBC Asian Magazine - Virtual Composer in Residence